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How to create and use a custom "Idea Exchange" page?

So I am able to create a custom IdeaExchangePage page.

However, in admin > content > Custom Pages for the ideation page, I do not see in Page Layout an entry for Idea Exchange.

How do I set/choose my custom IdeaExchangePage?



Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.40.49 AM.png

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Hi Bob,

Has the custom page quilt been pushed from Stage to Prod yet?


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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To add to what @lilim said - It won't exist until you make it.  Just create new quilts titled IdeaExchangePage.Titlehere and IdeaPage.TitleHere

Hi Lili,

No not yet. Still in stage.

I see.

Do I need to create "Both" custom page quilts?

Or can I get by with just one of the two custom page quilts you mentioned? (I.E. IdeaExchangePage.Titlehere)

@BobF Depends which specific page you are wanting to modify.  The topic page (similar to the page we are one right now if this was an idea) would be IdeaPage.titlehere

The page that lists out all of the ideas is IdeaExchangePage.titlehere

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