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How to delete a partially registered user?

Hi Khoros experts,

I got a request to delete all information about a particular user. That user doesn't have a username as he registered partially, but his email and SSO ID exists in Community.

How to delete such an account?



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Hi @karolinalinda

If you check User Reports within Community Admin > Metrics, do you see their account? If it appears, is it clickable? If so this should let you see the user profile at which point you could close it using the GDPR Close Account feature if enabled.

This is where I'd start but I'm not sure if this will help! 


hi @tyw,

Thank for the hint. Unfortunately, I'm not able to see the account because that user didn't create a username... I even downloaded the member report from analytics, but no hints there either...


I think the only option might be requesting support delete the user.

Do they appear when searching for their email or SSOID in Edit Users?

Yes, that's the problem We have the email and SSO ID and no option to delete that since the user didn't provide the username.


I'll follow up with Support then. Thank you, @tyw!


@karolinalinda do you have any information about the user? 

If you have the SSO ID or the E-Mail you could search in admin for these information. (sorry screenshot is in german). 

If you find him via e-mail or SSO ID you can as a temporary solution give him a username. 

If he has a username you can then search for him and delete him the regular way.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-13 um 15.44.41.png



Hello @karolinalinda


As per MrB77 If you are able to give a username to user, then these steps should work - 

  1. Go to Community Admin > Users > Edit Users > Find a user.
  2. Select the user you want to delete.
  3. Click Close Account
  4. Enter your username and click Close Account to confirm account closure.

Note: You must have the User Management > Close accounts of other users permission to close an account in this way. 

Please refer to this link for complete information: Close community member accounts


Otherwise, you will have to go though support and request them to delete the user. 


Thank you, guys! That did the trick!


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