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How to embed Community within my organisations app?

Hi everyone, 


My organisation is looking to create an experience in our app so that users can access Community natively. I.e to view and search Knowledge Base articles and also to post a question. We have been reviewing the SDK for android and hope to view the ios one soon. 


Has anyone else done this for Android? I'd love to see what this looks like in practice and what the customer experience is like? Please share screen shots! I'd love to see 🙂 


Thank you and cheers,

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@syork - You can check Lithium's own Android app here on the Google playstore. Also, an update on the Lithium on their iOS SDK is here


I hope this answers all your queries. 

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Thanks @VarunGrazitti,


Very happy to hear about the update scheduled for end of January. 


The example is good, it does help however I'd still love to see other examples of how Community looks and feels inside an app where Community is part of the help and support function say?



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Cisco’s support app had a community integration, last I checked, where it was part of the support function.

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I think Samsung is the largest customer so far that has used Lithium's Android SDK to integrate community into their app experience. There's even a few screenshots on their Play Store page.



I think the fitbit app has also integrated community more recently.


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Thank you @Fellsteruk@DerekG and @BeckyS! SUPER helpful!

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