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How to embed slideshow in post

Hi Team,


I have a ppt and want to embed it as a slideshow in my post Rather than just attaching it, Can anyone let me know how this can be done?

For example Please see the link below, it has a video embed  and a Slide show as well


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Easiest way is probably to just upload it to Google's version (Google slides) and share the doc from there - One of the share options is embed code I believe which you could paste directly into a Khoros topic (via HTML view).

edit: You can actually do it direct from PPT -> 

@AshcraftA  Thank you for your reply,

Can you share with me some screen shots of the above steps you mentioned?



Naveen S




Thnak you for your reply, is there any other way apart from the one you suggested?



Naveen S

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