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How to embed video into a post

Hi Team,


I am trying to embed a video into the post using the HTML option or Iframe;

the video is present  on a website "" i am able to get the below embed codes to embed the video,

<iframe allowfullscreen width="500" height="360" frameborder="0" src="" ></iframe>


<div class=”edutube-container ">

<iframe allowfullscreen width="500" height="360" frameborder="0"  


&autoplay=t rue" ></iframe>


Kindly let me know how can i use these to embed  video into the post



Naveen S

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Hi @snaveen,

Do you mean something like this?

Can't you just use the Insert video option where you provide the video URL?





Hi @ karolinalinda,

Yes, that's right, but here i am trying to embed videos from other websites not youtube. The youtube one works fine.

When i use this insert viode option and use the URL"" i gives me the below error. I Reached out to the team who manage this site and they provided me a the Iframe or the html code(Shared in my 1st post) that i could use to embed videos from their site.



how could u use this Iframe or the HTML code(Shared in my 1st post) to embed the video, i think in the editor window i should use the HTML option, but not able to figure out how to use.

@snaveen It is likely that you may be trying to embed a video that is not supported as we only allow embedding videos from Embedly's list of supported providers:


You could use iframe as long as you have the right permissions:


You could also use the HTML button to paste in the HTML you were given. This MDN doc has more info about using iframes: 


In simple words what  MohammedF is saying above, 

The platform, from where you are trying to fetch the video is not supported by, So you cant embed this video.

Go the the link and check above video providers, create account on any of those, and upload your video there (YouTube is one of the example.), and then use the video from there if its possible as per your development guide and process.

Happy Community Building.

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