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How to enable threaded comments?

From my understanding, we should be able to enable threaded comments on forum discussions, right? Currently, all comments to any post are all left aligned. I'd like to show replies to each comment as threaded (or indented). Is that possible? If so, can someone give me some guidance? 


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I believe OOB threaded replies is on the community roadmap (according to a recent webinar). I don't recall the exact timeline, but I think it is still a bit far out. Was it beginning of H1 2020?

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Hi @Wendy_S !

Thanks for popping in and you are correct: this is in the roadmap, but I believe for private messages rather than the open discussions - not sure why.


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I have implemented this strategy for an indented threaded view on the community, however this is causing a lot of REST call usage when viewing the component in Toolbox. Is there a way I can implement this strategy without using so many context objects and reducing the amount of REST calls?

Sorry - to clarify, the reason there are so many REST calls is because I needed to check if a user had their settings set to threaded view on the forums.widget.message-view-two component to see if I needed to add this customization, and this was called on every single message.

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It looks like Inline and Threading is for regular discussions (not just PMs) is indeed on the roadmap. PM threading will GA in 19.12 (stay tuned in release notes). Maybe @SohilM can give us a status on threaded messages for discussion posts. 

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@Wendy_S @Lindsey Yes, we have Inline and threaded replies for Forums in the roadmap and will be released in the next couple of releases. 

As @SuzieH mentioned, PM threading will be GA in 19.12. 

This code throws a Freemarker error when used with the inline replies feature and you hit the Preview button there.
Specifically, this line:

    <#if (msg.uid)?has_content>

The error is: 

An error has occurred when reading existing sub-variable "uid"; see cause exception! The type of the containing value was: extended_hash+string (lithium.eval.velocity.MessageTemplateModel wrapped into f.e.b.StringModel)

I assume there is some way to error check for this condition, but I can't figure it out.
Any tips?

Today I learned what attempt/recover tags in Freemarker can be used for...which solves the problem I pointed out above.

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