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How to exclude hidden categories and forums from the Community search?

How to exclude hidden categories and forums from the Community search, even for admins?

We have some archived forums and internal content that is rather a legacy content, and we don't want those topics to be listed in the search results.

Our search is set to the entire Community (we don't use category or board scopes). However, for the archive forums or internal ones, we'd love to exclude them from search even for ourselves - the admins of the platform.


Any help is much, much appreciated 🙂

Thank you,


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Same. I've been hoping for this for a while. I also want to "hide" users. We've got some service and test accounts I'd like to keep out of normal view.

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@karolinalindaand @Drew_C 

I can suggest a work around on this.

Make the categories and boards private, similarly by changing the users permissions to deny.

Take the clone of Admin role and To make them private to the archived categories and boards apply force Deny for this specific role. Apply this new role to the users whom you don't want to see these forums.

Note: Using these permissions users will also loose capability of view forums from other places.

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I would love to have a check box, similar to "Hide from lists and menus", called for example "Exclude from search results" 😍

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@karolinalinda  schrieb:

I would love to have a check box, similar to "Hide from lists and menus", called for example "Exclude from search results" 😍

Good idea and additional an option "Exclude from sitemap" for categories, boards and groups.

Well.... There's a bunch of ideas on this already, some of them dating back as far as 2014:

Search control from Community structure 

hide specific nodes or node types from search 

Hide content from search crawlers

From what I understand technically the challenge is that updating and accessing a search index is consuming memory. So keeping multiple search indices depending with various degrees of visibility is hard to implement as you would need to raise the hosting ressources quite a bit. The permissioned approach on the other hand kicks in on the output side of the search results, e.g. first all search results are being fetched and then those out of reach for the current user are discarded before they get presented.

Are you already using the Content Archive feature? This already limits for normal users the visibility of this kind of content. To hide it in searches there's some further cutsomization needed, though.

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hi @Claudius, thanks for the links to ideas and a hint with the Archived Content feature. Indeed, all these ideas are very old but still "under consideration"...

I think it's an important feature, as SEO and basically displaying the right content to the users is crucial for the community to serve its purpose.

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