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How to export useful data from an ideas forum

We have had trouble exporting useful data from our ideas exchange board. When we go to Community Analytics and export all the posts from one of the boards, it only provides us with the title of the post, but does not pull in the content of the post itself. It only provides a link to the post. This is ultimately not useful to us since we need to know what was said in the content of the post as well. 

We also tried implementing the feature "Export Community Search Results to a CSV file" but were unable to get it to work due the customizations that our Community's search functionality has. 

We have even tried exporting the ideas using the RSS feed, but it can only export max 100 posts at a time. 

Has anyone had success with exporting useful data from an idea exchange? 


Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 5.06.55 PM.png

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@Ryan_Mc We apologize that you have had trouble exporting the data. We tried exporting a CSV from the ideas tab for Feb 1st, 2022 - 12th Dec 2022 and we were able to export more than 100 rows. Could you please let us know the dates you were trying to export for?

Hi @MohammedF ,

How were you able to perform the export? If you give me more specific instructions I can try it on my end and see if it works for us.

@Ryan_Mc Can you post an example of what you are seeing for the broken rows/columns?

If I was a betting guy, luckily I’m not, I would guess it’s due to merging of topics. I don’t believe the CSV export has a good way to handle those, but I may also be wrong. When setting up the bulk API there is some oddities there we had to work through there as well.

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