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How to filter on multiple labels

Hi all, 

Looking to learn how we can allow our users to filter content by more than one label at a time. For example on topic board page, they're viewing a list of 1000 topics, and they want to filter not by one label, but a few. Ideally they'd be able to select from a list of ~10 labels and select not just one label to view results of, but see results from 2 or 3 or 4 labels. Ie I don't just want to see content about fishing, I want to filter for fishing / outdoors / camping all at once. (similar to the screenshot at the bottom of this article, I want to filter for decor and travel).

I haven't been able to find any documentation about this, but curious if anyone has done this in the past / if you have any examples! 


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It's not possible to do this out of box, they only support a single label at a time.  Utilizing the API you can technically build solutions to accomplish this though (example of what we did here)


Here's another example for filtering by more than one label:

Our colleagues wanted to provide a list of startups in their programm and by choosing labels from the dropdowns you immediately filter. This is - I guess - a non-standard use of blogs. This is all done by using the API.


Thank you @StanGromer and @JuergenM! These are amazing examples! 🙂 Non developer question here - if I want my developers to implement something like this, is there any documentation around how to get started? 

Also, @JuergenM you have multiple filters for the labels (location, horizontal, etc.)- are all labels associated with the one label bucket, and then they are manually sectioned into different categories? 

Really appreciate your help so far! Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated! 

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