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How to find users email settings

We need to know if it's possible to look up a list of users' email notification preferences, specifically, if they have selected "Don't send me any community emails" in their Account Settings > Email Settings.

How can I do this in Admin? I'd rather not manually log in as each user to check. What's the best way to check this?


Thanks for any help here! 

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Only method to my knowledge would be to utilize the product API to grab all of the user settings (It may come across in the Bulk data API but not sure about that).  Out of box, there is no report that will show these settings in bulk.

Thanks, @StanGromer - that's helpful


Hi there- You can do this in Admin>Metrics>user Reports>

Select the email from the drop down at bottom and export the CSV it should load all members for you. But I don't think this functionality provides to those who opted in or out.

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