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How to get a list of the most viewed posts of all time?

I don't know any easy way of getting a list fo the most viewed posts of all time across our community. Khoros Analytics only produces data for 12 months at a time. I need 6 years. Google Analytics doesn't have the same limit, but unhelpfully but understandably considers posts with the same ID but different URL (from being moved) as different. This affects a lot of our posts as we have created new boards and moved a lot of posts as the community has grown. 

Any suggestions? Ideally we would use Khoros Analytics but I can't think of an easy way to "stitch" the data together...





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You can use below v2 API to get most viewed posts from community.

SELECT * FROM messages ORDER BY metrics.views DESC
Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

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