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How to interpret "Moderator/User Relation" in Metrics?

Hi there 

I'm currently diving in some stats and tried to work with " Moderator/User Ratio" Stats in Admin --> Metrics --> User/Moderator Posts Ratio


I see these results: 


PeriodRatio Moderator/User Posts
2017/01/01 12 AM34.11
2017/02/01 12 AM17.38
2017/03/01 12 AM18.25
2017/04/01 12 AM10.97
2017/05/01 12 AM10.35
2017/06/01 12 AM11.1
2017/07/01 12 AM15.95
2017/08/01 12 AM102
2017/09/01 12 AM16.92
2017/10/01 12 AM103.3
2017/11/01 12 AM484.5
2017/12/01 12 AM100.11


Can anyone "interpret" that? If I compare the raw numbers of post by users and moderators I see total different numbers here. 






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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @MrB77


The numbers are the number of posts per moderator post.


To get this figure you need to take the 'Moderator Posts' and divide that by the number of 'Forum Messages' for the same period. This will give you the percentage, to get the ratio divide 1 by the percentage you got above.


Hope that helps.



Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jan,


You got me confused a bit by swapping around "Moderator/User ratio". The admin metric "User/Moderator ratio" is intended to give you an indication of who creates content within your community.  As Andy pointed out it's calculated by dividing "Forum Posts" (From "Traffic Reports" metrics category. NB: This includes posts by moderators) by "Moderator Posts" (from the "Moderator" metrics category). So a value of 15.95 means that 1 out of every 16 posts was made by a moderator. The patterns you can see here is those of a community moderated during working week, with less contributions over weekends.

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Hi @ClaudiusH


Yes I was playing around with the xls, sorry for the confusion. 


I'll calculate this again with the values you mentioned and see if I get similar results. 

The explanation you mentioned was what I assumed. I wonder why this changes so much over a year (this is the monthly view export) 





Hi there


Adding to this discussion.


What is an average "healthy" ratio between moderator/user and maybe also superuser?




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