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How to measure "good" lurkers

Hello, guys! 


I'm currently studying the indirect ticket deflection that an online community can promote(Customers not e-mailing our support team, and therefore, saving resources)


I'm really struggling to find some benchmarks of the percent of the lurkers that have their question answered.

I'm assuming that it's something around 1% to 2%. And yes, I have no idea if this number even makes sense.


What is the average percentage of lurkers that have their questions answered/problems solved?

How do you guys measure it?


Thanks in advance!
Cheers, Daniel.

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@danielss87do you use the Community Experience survey?


One framework for measuring deflection is to take a percentage of the Community visits, wth that percentage coming from specific path through your survey - those that were looking for help, got what they were looking for, and would've contacted you otherwise if they didn't. More discussion on it here:

I'm interested to see what other ideas on deflection emerge in this thread.


Hey @danielss87,


I have to agree with @BHall - surveys (Value Analytics) is the way to go.


However, if you aren't using the survey, I have heard that others use the Solution Views metric. I may be mistaken, but I believe some communities even put a dollar value on solution views ($5/solution view for example). I feel that this method really depends on the type of community you run. My community is a support community and we have traffic coming in from all over the place, so I wouldn't rely on those numbers when reporting on call deflection.




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