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How to measure solution rate with multiple solutions

In our business it is important that we can show a solution rate for the community, i.e. a percentage of how many of the totally created topics are solved. This was simply possible as long as we only allowed one solution.

Now we switched to multiple solutions some time ago because we believe that the right answer isn't always in one post. However, the available solution rate is no longer usable because it does not take this change into account.

Is there a way to compare the total number of topics with the number of topics containing one or more solutions?

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@tzhsctha - Can you please provide more information on, how does the multiple solutions have affected the solved topic rate? 

You can use below query to know the percentage of the solved topic. 

1. Get a count of all the topics. 

2. Get count of all the solved topic.

SELECT count(*) FROM messages WHERE'forum' 
SELECT count(*) FROM messages WHERE conversation.solved = true and'forum' 


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Hey @TariqHussain 

Thx 4 your input.  Regarding your question; we have a higher Solution Rate. Hence, we count the no. Posts and divided by the no. of solutions. Back when we had only one Solution per post, we had a deep solution rate. Now we have a higher on. Which isn't really reflecting reality. This because we as an organization don't really care if there is one or several solutions. We just want to have a solution. 

Regarding our proposed solution; where do we enter this query? In Excel? Can you give some more insight? 

Cheers and many thanks


@Gonzo  - You need to execute this query in custom component and add that component to page quilt under the studio. 


Payal Uppal

Hey @Payal 

Thx a lot for adding your input. I'll double check this with our agency and try to see what we get. 🙂

Cheers and thx

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