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How to pin a post to the top of a board

Hi everyone, is it possible to pin a post to the top of a discussion board? I'd like to pin our Community Guidelines post to the top of our Welcome board so it doesn't get lost! 


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Do you see the option within the three dot option menu on your post to Float Topic for All Users? When activated this should pin the post to the top of the latest activity feed. 



Senior Community Manager | Strava

 Ah yes thank you! I see it now. I totally missed that Options menu on the right.

Thanks for your help! 🙂


Does anyone by chance know how to pull reporting for ONLY pinned posts across a community (all nodes)?

@rosiemari see /t5/bizapps/bizappspage/tab/community%3Aadmin%3Acontent%3Afeatured-threads



I am not seeing the option to float topic for all users -- anyone know how to get that turned on? thank you! 


Hi @Finney0225, API docs are the only ones which was found for this feature. However, it explains that it's only for Forums and the other requirements.

"Administrators (or users with the "Float posts and topics for all users" permission) float topic messages using the "Float this Topic for All Users" option in the topic options menu in the Forum Topic Page UI."

The below link might be helpful.



Anyone else had issues with pinned posts? I have selected the Float topic for all users option and seems to work just for me, all our admins have the same issue.

Shouldn't this make the posts pinned for all the members?

LATER EDIT: Seems to work on the category where you have the pinned post, is it possible to pin over all the other categories as well?

Thank you.

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