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How to prevent URLs from automatically being linked?

Our technical documentation often contains URLs which are not intended to be clicked. They are used in code and API examples for display purposes. But Lithium automatically converts anything that looks like a URL into a clickable link in the page. In addition to this being unwanted behavior (we don't want the URLs to be clickable), it can also alter the styling of elements.

Is there a way to disable the automatic conversion of URLs into anchor tags?

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The only way I've found to not have it add the href tags is to put it in a code block like this:

Without doing that, even if I edit the HTML  and manually remove the tags, it puts them back. 😞

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Thanks for the reply.  That's good to know.

Yes, if you use the <pre> tag, the URLs will not be linked. However, we use the <code> tag extensively, which, unfortunately, is not treated the same way.

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