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How to remove widget "Addthis" from the blog page?

Dear all, please let me know how to remove Addthis widget from the blog page "head"?

I haven't found a place to change the configuration of this script... 

Please help

Kind regards



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@etwardowska ,

Here is the documentation which will help you to find the addthis component on the pages.


For blog page its should be on blog message quilt page, where you will find the below component and you can remove it and save will remove this from page.

<component id="external.widget.add-this"/>



Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Dear Parshant, I tried to find this component but it was not found in any of the custom components that I have access to (especailly "custom-blog-body") . Is there any other way to find it?


Most of the time it should be there in page quilt and not in component, if some one not made any changes to this quilt.

There are two steps to remove or hide it from pages.

1. From community Admin:


  • Go to Community Admin > Discussion Styles.
  • Select the appropriate discussion style (TKB, Blogs, etc.).
  • Check or un-check the Display social bookmarking links option

    Display social bookmarking links.png

  • Click Save


2. To remove permanently from quilt follow these steps below.

Go to BlogMessage page quilt in your community.


you will found below component in the page xml file.


<component id="share-button" />



You can remove this and it won't display on the blog message page permanently.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

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