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How to report on labels and idea statuses?

Hi everyone,

The two major things we miss in the Community Analytics are statistics about labels and idea statuses. The statistics we are looking for include:

- How many people follow each label

- How many times each label was used in the previous month (to how many questions/ideas it was assigned)

- How the product idea statuses were changing: how many "completed" were assigned last month, how many "started", etc.

Did any of you find a way to get such info?



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Same needs here 😉

These infos aren't found in analytics, but in export search result as csv.
You have to open a case to activate the feature for you.
Each export will send in your inbox.


We'd love to get more label reporting in the way you describe but so far haven't found anything other than maybe using the bulk data api for our own reporting. We've not looked into that further but interested to hear others experience.

We are working on a Power BI report using the bulk data api to track status changes over time. This is the only way we could get those trends over time when tracking how our ideas are changing and moving forward. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

You can use the CSV export to track it somewhat, but it doesn't as granular as you want. If you pull it daily/weekly/monthly, you could do the necessary comparisons to get a lot of it though.


I would really, really love to avoid manual work. My team has enough of Excel spreadsheets 😛 

But this can be at least a good start, maybe with some options to automate this process somehow.


For me, the labels aren't as important (not yet). I would like to know what's the status of the ideas. Did anybody - by chance - find a way or created an idea for Khoros?


I don't think so. I would give 100 votes for it, if I could 😄 


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