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How to restrict roles from creating forum conversations

I'm trying to create certain forums that only allow employees to create posts, but allow customers to comment on that post. I've reviewed the different permission files supplied by Khoros, but can't seem to find the appropriate permissions structure. Has anyone implemented this with success?

Currently I am denying the ability to submit posts, and start topics, but customers are still able to create conversations and reply to existing conversations. 


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I can help you out here. Just for testing, I have updated the permission and it works as expected. For customer, Posts > Submit Posts should be granted and Topics > Start Topics should be revoked. By doing this, users having customer role are not able to create the topics but they can add comments on exisiting posts.  

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That's what I expected as well, maybe I need to open a Support ticket?

I've applied those permissions but customers are still able to create topics. 

Make sure you are not missing anything. I can connect with to help if you want or you can create a support ticket also. 

Give kudos if you find my posts helpful or mark solution if it answers your query
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Is it possible that the category that the forum lives in has explicit grant set vs. default grant? That could be one explanation.

Thanks for your replies! Looks like @ScottR's point was the case - a discrepancy between category and node-level permissions. 

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