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How to scrape a custom profile field from profile page XML

Recently I discovered through Google Sheets that I could use =IMPORTXML(A2,"//title") to get the page title of any page on the community when the page URL is in column A.  

I'd like to populate other values from the profile page other than the Page title. Wondering if anyone has any clues about reading other values such as 

Custom Value (Quit date in Hero banner, Page source below)

<div class="myquitdate-wrapper">

<div class="lia-panel lia-panel-standard widget-myquitdate ">
  <div class="lia-decoration-border">
    <div class="lia-decoration-border-top"><div> </div></div>
    <div class="lia-decoration-border-content">
          <div class="lia-panel-heading-bar-wrapper">
            <div class="lia-panel-heading-bar">
              <span class="lia-panel-heading-bar-title">Quit Date</span>
        <div class="lia-panel-content-wrapper">
          <div class="lia-panel-content">

        <script src="" defer></script>

        <h4 class="the-quit-date">October 18, 2022</h4>

Date Last visited (Contact Me component)
Registration Date (Community Statistics)
Location (Private Stats) is a sample contact if you have any thoughts on pointing me in the right direction. 


Some of these things don't show unless you're authenticated. So it's not visible to guests. I'm guessing in this case I'll have to authenticate. We use SSO so I'm not sure how to overcome that.

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