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How to search for user ranking history in admin?

Hola all, it's been awhile, but I'm back with another q.

Currently, I have a tedious, round-a-bout way of seeing who moves up the ranking in our community. However, I'm looking for a more efficient, streamlined way of finding this information out.

Is there an option in admin to see an individuals overall history of moving up the ranks? 

- What exact date did a user move up the rankings?

- What was the exact date when a user FIRST moved up the rankings?

Can anyone recommend their own unique way of capturing this data, if no action in admin to do so exists?

Thanks in advance!

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@jhaze - That is something which is not feasible OOTB as of now. The system might be storing all this data but the API are not available to fetch all this data, so the customisation also seems like a difficult option here.


As of now, there are email triggers which a users get on ranking change, but that wouldn't help us since there is no way for us to know or use that programmatically.

Other option is, the manual user reports each week to compare the user ranking for those who have different rank than last time. However, since there is no field like Rank Date in the APIs, this option is very unreliable and non-scalable.


I hope this helps.

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Yep, @VarunGrazitti is right on.

Since this is not a capability that exist today, there are a few ideas probably worth kudo-ing here



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