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How to show content in the activity feed

Hey there, 

is it possible to show content which has been not posted in a forum (e.g. blog or tkb) in the community activity feed? I can't find the settings in the community admin. Currently, I only see content which has been published in a forum. 

Thanks for your help.


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Certainly possible @CKummer. I assume you are talking about a home page recent posts feed?

Have a look at our home page as an example - - and you'll see that we are feeding content from discussion boards, TKBs and blogs all together. You just might need to look at an API-driven custom component as we have done rather than off-the-shelf.





Thx @JasonHill

Ok, so you've coded a custom component, right? My hope was that this could be done by using a ootb feature. Anyway I'll hand this over to our Khoros contact. 



Apologies for the slow reply Christoph (@CKummer). Just to confirm that yes, we use custom components with API feeds. The Professional Services team could certainly help with your request. 




Hi @CKummer,

We are using a usual activity feed provided by khoros. On a forum level, it shows the activity from this forum, on a category level, it shows the activity from all boards within this category (forum, blog, ideas, groups, etc.). On a community level, this component shows the activities from different categories and different boards.


If you want to show the blog activity on the forum level, I would suggest that you take a look at the syndication feature. You can set up everything manually and display the data. Take a look at this page for more details:


Please note that Khoros counts views from the syndication component and they can be paid. 

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