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How to stop images from posts displaying in Activity feeds

I wonder has anyone figured out how to stop images that are used in articles or posts appearing in preview mode on the latest activity feed? From our testing it looks like it shows the first 4 images from the article under the preview snippet when shown in the activity feed list. Sometimes the images look ok depending on the original resolution and sometimes they are kind of irritating or blurry. 

We are using Hermes and it's a custom component called custom-message-list by the looks of it when inspected. 



Senior Community Manager | Strava
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Khoros Staff

At this time, I don't think there is a parameter to disable images from showing on the Community Activity feed, however you can try hiding the images using CSS such as this:

.custom-community-activity .custom-message-tile figure {
    display: none;



Thanks @JeanineS that worked perfectly. I also used a variation of your suggestion as below to make this change show on Forum and KB boards too. 

figure {
display: none;

Senior Community Manager | Strava

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