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How to turn off subscription to edits on blog articles?



The members in our community get an alert to boards they subscribe to for every little change we do to an article.

In TKB we can choose if we would like to alert subscribers to changes, if they are significant or not.


How can I do something similar with blogs? Or turn off all subscriptions to updates on an already created article?


Hope somebody can help me, not able to figure it out...fairly new to Lithium.

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@HelgaMarieAuran : In Lithium it didn't have any option to turn off Notifications for the Blogs.


Kindly open a Idea  on it.


If my post is helpful and answers your question, please give "Kudos" and "Accept it as a Solution."

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra



@AbhishekIlindra @HelgaMarieAuran


I would encourage you to add your vote and comments to this enhancement request -



Thanks @HelgaMarieAuran for raising this issue! I see the same problem and find it really nasty for users... especially because the option in the profile settings refers only to TKB articles while in fact it's also about forum and blog articles. It happens often in our community that users edit their forum or blog articles/comments several times because, for example, they discover a grammar error or still want to remove a word just after posting. It's nasty for the other users to get notified about such editings every time. Is there any update on this issue by Lithium?

Best regards,


Hi @SwissParaplegic please add your vote to the idea here if you haven't allready.

Hi @HelgaMarieAuran, I just did so. Thank you for the hint.

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