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I tried to customise rank notification PM but it doesnt work for me..

Hi All,

I was hoping to trigger an automatic PM for the lowest rank level for my community, I tested it on Stage but nothing happened now I am not sure what next..

I followed the directions in this article Customize the rank-up notification private message - Atlas ( to create new text keys but when I setup a new account in stage, the user profile did not receive a message.

Has anyone successfully done this? Is there an easier way?

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Khoros Staff

Hi @Mercedes_O - I had a look at your configuration and there is one key reason why it did not work despite your correct configuration.

The rank notification does not trigger for the first rank a user achieves when they register their account, it will trigger on every subsequent rank.  On your stage environment, I put an example of what you could do: use a "New User" rank (title it whatever you'd like) that a user gains when they first register, and make the "Visitor Sweeper" rank really easy to obtain.

I used a 1 minute registration time but you could do a single page view and it should work.  I created the user "Kh-Larry" on your stage site so you can see how the private message appeared to me.  I'll email the email notification I got as well.

Also, I must note that this is something I aim to fix with our email and ranking system in Aurora as soon as we can!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Thank you so much @LarryI that makes perfect sense, I am still experiencing the below and wanted to check. I changed the content for the PM message so I created a fake profile to check that the message appears (i.e links are not broken etc since I am not used to HTML) When I tried to create a new account on stage, this happened:

- I follow the registration and create a username, however there is an error so I cannot verify the account unless I switch to my admin credentials and then mark the new account as verified

- Secondly, I don't get a rank up notification via email or PM however I can see via my admin account that the user has now ranked up to visitor sweeper.

I am wondering how you were able to trigger the notification (there is now a new user rank) and were you able to verify your email?

@Mercedes_O The first issue with email verification may be due to the SSO on a stage environment.  I'm not positive on what is causing that to be sure, so I'd be sure to submit a support case with us on that.

For the rank up notification via email and PM, it is triggering the private message send via a second login (not switch user).  I'm going to verify the behavior with my team and get back to you.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Thank you I will follow up on our end re the SSO comment


@Mercedes_O What we see is that the rank will trigger when the user has been active for a few minutes in the community OR if they log out and log back in.

It should send the message to the user once they have ranked up regardless.  That said, we are also looking at email templates in Aurora to make this much easier for "welcome emails".  I hope this is helpful!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Thank you for confirming @LarryI I also want to add as an fyi I forgot to confirm a username for the PM messages to be sent from when I made the changes on admin as a result it did not trigger the notification until this was added. But it is all working now!

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