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Idea Exchange Board Populated by Email Replies

Hello all,

I am a community leader for a major ISP. We are in the process of a community revamp and are exploring effective ways to communicate community suggestions to various internal teams.

Given my ISP makes routers and set-top boxes for customers and some customers may request new features, it makes sense to use some Idea Exchange boards with tags indicating feature delivery status.

One issue we are facing is that not all internal teams can assign a person to check and respond to Idea Exchange boards on a consistent basis. Internal teams are more willing to respond to emails sent to their organizational inboxes than to check a separate community platform for new threads.

So, my question comes: is there a way to interface Khoros mailer with an Idea Exchange board in both ways? Meaning, if one opens a new idea, a particular set of employees will be notified via email; and employees can directly reply to the email such that the email contents will be populated as replies to the Idea Exchange board. Not all employees have an account on the Khoros community, but we can display them as from the general support account.

Khoros Care seems to have some relevant features, but we have several lines of products (Home Internet, 5G, etc.) thus requiring multiple Idea Exchange boards linked to several internal teams.

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Khoros Expert

Hi @cang_household ! There are multiple options available to serve your need, and yes some may include Khoros Care, but out of the box there's a feature available to allow community members to reply to any posts by email. Did you already check it out ?

Full documentation right here

Let us know if it can be a good solution for you and your team(s).

Arnaud Lerondeau
Principal Solutions Consultant

Thanks. I never thought of this.

Can a non-registered user subscribe to the Idea Board and respond via email?

If not, is there a mail API that can be customized to process incoming emails into replies under the same community account? I am a full stack developer, so I have no trouble doing some coding myself.

Additional question: reading the links you posted, it seems admins cannot definitively disable reply by email for a certain group of users.

We may only need this feature for a handful of employees and community leaders, So the majority of users should have this feature disabled.


Khoros Expert

You're right @cang_household : i thought it was a role based setting and apparently it is not. Sorry for that. Yet, maybe there is a customization path here, to be checked with your CSM and our PS team.

That said, Khoros Care would be perfect to manage a seamless workflow, distributing only relevant content to the right persons in your organization. If a new post/idea is assigned to a specific workqueue/smartview or directly to a user, email notification could be sent so your employees are in realtime touch without any effort with community content.

Simple settings example on Khoros Care User Profile

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 09.18.33.png

Arnaud Lerondeau
Principal Solutions Consultant

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