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Idea Exchange Status Report & Best Practice

Our product idea exchange is a very active place for our Community members and we need a better process in place to manage the ideas submitted and the initial dispositioning of ideas by our Product Management team. 2 questions for the Community.

1) What is the most effective way to run an export of the all the ideas and their associated status? (Ie. All ideas that are currently in a 'New' status and need be triaged)

We have tried multiple different reporting approaches and have yet to find a clean and consolidated way to do an idea review. 

2) What are your best practices for the ongoing governance and management of our Product Idea Exchange. 

Thank you!

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Don't have one - hope to have one at some point. Interested to see if anyone has this side of things nailed. 

Lithium does a horrible job at making this  known since you are looking for "Reporting" when in actuality the report you want is found via search (Makes no sense, I know).

You have to request support to enable this first, but after, you can export the search results, which will include the idea status, how many votes/kudos it has received, etc.  Simply visit search, filter to only pull ideas, and export the results.

What an interesting little report. I didn't actually realise this existed. 

Hi @mvanpelt @SamR @StanGromer

How are you using Ideas? We are using Ideas for collecting general site feedback - but more importantly as part of beta programs to test out pilot service and products with trial particinpants/ early adopters. I'd love to hear how others are using Ideas and how its working for beta programs? Any tips pre and post launch? 



@syork We primarily use the Idea Exchange to collect and disposition our customers' product ideas and enhancement requests to our own product. Ideally this information will offer us great intel into what our  customers are asking for in our product and help us to communicate where these features lie on our road map. This is why the reporting is so important to us in this category. We meet internally weekly to review and discuss the submissions by our customers and use this data for planning and communication purposes. Currently there is no good way effectively pull the data we need. 


We use User Groups for our Beta / Early Access programs. Those customers that have been given access to our 'Early Access' features program provide us feedback through the invite only User Group forum. 

Awesome! Thanks for the reply that's really helpful 🙂

@StanGromer do you know if there is an API call that would allow me to export this same report without having to manually pull it from the search options? I don't see anything in the API documentation regarding pulling this report. Any info is greatly appreciated.

@dmenke You should in theory be able to utilize the Bulk Data API to pull back all the same data, but there is no reports that are pre-built that you could pull via this method - You would need to determine all the queries to pull back the data (We're not currently using the bulk data API due to some other internal things going on/data warehouse, but it would definitely be the preferred/best way for long-term reporting)

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