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Idea Exchange - Status

Hi there, 

So i've been looking around for a while now, and I'm not able to find a way to export a list of ideas that has a column with the status of the idea attached. Does this exist? and if not is there a workaround to get this info. 

Thanks in advance! 

-Betty Jo 

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It's not easy to find but it is there. See this thread and the replies for more detail

We do the following:

1. Perform an empty search on your site to get to the search results page

2. Filter results by type of post: Idea

3. Export your results as csv via the Options menu on the search results page (does require certain permissions to use this)

Status is included as one of the columns.

We are also using API v2 to pull all our Ideas data into an internal app so we can slice and dice by status etc. 

Hope this helps. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Hi @Bparra,

There's nothing out of the box and no intuitive way to get the ideas with statuses exported.

We're currently integrating Khoros with one of our internal tools to pull the idea data through API. As for a regular data export, @elbranscomb solution should do the trick.

I would also love to see statistics in the Analytics part for idea statuses.




Awesome, thank you for the info. We dont use Khoros Search, so this is probably why Im having problems.  Will definitely take a look and see if I can figure it out. 🙂 


@karolinalinda Oh man! Keep us updated on how that integration works for you, I would be super interested in learning more as Idea Exchange management can be a pain. Good Luck! 🍀


@Bparra Can you get to the legacy Khoros search if you do something such as replacing your domain in this URL? ?

FWIW - We use Coveo, and know we once upon a time had redirects setup to force everyone to our unified search page, but similarly we needed to be able to still use legacy Khoros search for reports so we turned it off!

Thanks Stan, unfortunately that didn't work. When they turned our search off, they didn't create the backend solution. Its on our dev teams backlog, but unfortunately its not something that we have been able to get for quite sometime now. 


We're also about to switch Coveo everywhere, but not in our Community. We love Khoros search and don't want to lose its functionality 😉 


Hi @elbranscomb ,

We are trying to get all the Ideas along with their statuses (status tagged for each comment) using API V2 (LiQL). Unfortunately, we see that the Idea Status is attached at the main Idea level, and as and when any comment updates the status, the new status replaces the old status in the API call at the Idea level. Were you able to fetch the status of each comment within an Idea using the API call?

Would be of great help if you could suggest any possible solutions.

Thanks for the follow-up. I am not sure I understand the use case of why you want to fetch the status of each comment on an Ideas. Can you provide some more info on your use case please?

Senior Community Manager | Strava

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