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Idea Post to automatically create Jira cards

Is it possible to automatically create a card in Jira when  an Idea Post is created?

We have a specific Idea Board set up in our Community. As a way to manage our workload, it would be great that whenever a new Idea Post in the boad is published, that a workflow is set off and the group backlog gets updated.

I saw a post from 2018 in the Micrsoft Workflow community that said a Jira card couldnt be created for workflow. Anyone know if that is still the case? Is there another way to join Lithium and Jira together? 



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@syork I'm quite confident there is a way, both Lithium and Jira have API's so it is mostly an integration issue that can be solved with a customization. But as far as I know there is nothing like that out of the box. If you need professional help with that kind of integration, feel free to contact me, things like that are our daily business =)...

Lead-Dev @glowing blue

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Nothing out of box exists.   We've looked into it a bit on our side, and may one day develop a connection/integration as it definitely will be a time saver with a busy Idea Exchange.  As Luk said, all the APIs are there that should make it possible, or at the very least, get us most of the way there.

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