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Idea submissions and JIRA automation

This post from 2018 asks if there is a way to automatically create a JIRA card to match an idea submitted in our community. As more and more ideas in community are submitted, it becomes a time sink to have to copy and paste all of them in our internal JIRA board.

API was mentioned as a solution in the replies, has Khoros released any documentation on this or has anyone successfully been able to accomplish this via API? Thanks!

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You can use Event Subscriptions (not to be confused with actual "Events") which can trigger a notification anytime a topic/post is created, as well as all status changes to it.  You can leverage this to send data to Jira.  Jira would need to ingest that data (via Jira API likely).  If you want to pass Jira data back into Khoros, that's a whole other nightmare requiring some middleware likely to do the actual grabbing of the updates from Jira, and pushing them back into Khoros.

I believe a few Khoros vendors offer connectors of sorts to handle this.

Otherwise - No, Khoros has nothing documented about this (nor likely ever will).

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