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Ideas body

Hello everyone,


I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to change/edit the idea page when someone is writing the idea: 




We wanted to add an additional body to make people describe their ideas more pricely. Or maybe add text to the body that they would have to answer.


Does anyone know how to do it/if it's possible?

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Hi, this is definitely possible. You can do this via the Studio text keys. I can't recall the exact name of the text key but it'll be something like idea-form-body-placeholder. 

If you start by searching for placeholder in Studio text keys then that might narrow it down. If you get stuck then let me know what results you see and I should be able to pick it out of the list for you. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava
Khoros Staff

Hello @adriana4u ,

If you want to use placeholder only for Idea's body, then you may use the following text key:

If for all the discussion styles, then



Hello @AbhishekGu ,


I searched for the text key you sent to me and it shows no results:




I tried searching for it and couldn't find it either @elbranscomb :




Could it be the body is the same for discussions? So it's only one?



We have this both for questions and ideas:

form.MessageEditor.field.body.placeholder = The more details you provide, the better chance for a quick reply.


On a side note: for ideas, we've implemented a separate guide with good and bad practices. It's a separate page component on the idea submission screen.
Designed and implemented by my amazing team members 🙂



I edited and it stayed the same... I don't know why it's not working.


I really like that what you did, can I ask what page do you edit to add this component?


Hello @karolinalinda,


Actually it worked, my page was just not loading correctly!


Do you know how I can edit only for the ideas? Because we wouldn't want for discussion styles.


@AbhishekGu I was able to add the text key! Thank you so much! 


Do you know how I could add a custom component to the post page only in ideas?

Hi, thanks for sharing the screenshot. It's probably not showing up as it's currently not being used. If you try adding it in the Text Key area in Stage Studio with some sample wording using @AbhishekGu info above:

form.MessageEditor.field.body.placeholder@place:idea = [Some sample text]

Then open up a new Ideas submission form on Stage and see if you can see the new text. If you only want it added to the Idea submission form then @place:idea will ensure it only displays there rather than all forms. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava
Khoros Staff

Hello @adriana4u,

Good to hear that provided text key is working.

Yes, we can add a custom component to only Idea post page. Will discuss this on our scheduled call.



Khoros Staff

Hello @adriana4u,

As your community is using PostPage for all the discussion style.

Thus, you can use coreNode id to use a custom component for idea PostPage only.

something like below:

<#if = "use id here">
Write something here

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