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Ideas for displaying posts with official answers

If a community manager or modulator provides an answer, can those postings be segregated separately?

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Hi @JohnD 

I want to expose a post with a public answer to the customer.

Thank you.


I've seen this on some Jive communities, most notably Apple's discussion forums. I'd definitely second this.

Differentiating answers from brand and community in a more visual way is handy for the community to understand an official or endorsed position.

I personally wouldn't limit it to certain user roles, although it's handy to have answers marked or posted by certain users/roles automatically flagged in this manner, it's also really powerful to allow this attribute to be applied to content submitted by other community members.

For some users having their answers endorsed by the brand is quite a big motivator for participation in the community in terms of recognition.


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Hi @RobertT , thank you very much for your support.

I think we can mark posts with answers from top solution providers or people with levels of Expert.

There is a lot of content and the customer spends less time on content. So the platform has to show the most essential content to the customer. This is the purpose of my request.


CC/  @JohnD  @SuzieH 




An answer by a staff member is often not the solution though. E.g. they could ask clarification or troubleshooting questions. Also if you elevate topics with staff participation you are de-valueing those without at the same time. This could lead to over-use of mentioning to loop in (just about any) staff member or similar unwanted behaviour. And overall think about which message this sends: Do you value the opinion and expertise of non-staff community members the same way? Are the answers of staff members worth more? You can move easily from a peer-to-peer community to a public support ticket system this way where everyone is waiting for the sacrosanct reply from a staff member.

I'd rather suggest you investigate something like "Validated solution" if you really want to make solutions more official and sanctioned by the brand.

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