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If an user is moving companies is there any way to keep their account?



We have a user that potentially will leave to another company, and they have all their ranks and responses and they wouldn't want to lose those. Is there any way just to change the company? And not make them create a new account?


Thank you so much!

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Are you using SSO?

If so, it's pretty easy. Have them register a new community account with their new company's credentials. If they'll let you know the info on the NEW community account, you can use the Admin -> Mod Tools -> Edit Users page to set their new account's SSO back to the "old" account's SSO ID.

Next time the user logs in with the new credentials, they'll be dropped into their old account.

Note: The Edit Users page might need to be enabled for you by support.

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I believe @Drew_C is correct. It's been years since I did this, but thinking back to my old organisation it was possible and what then happened was that you just had a resultant empty account plus the proper account now with all the old posts and stats and rank, etc.   


Hello, thank you for your answer!


So if I understood well, in this section I would have to add the old ID of their new account and likewise their posts and information (ranks, badges, etc) would all come to their new account?




Thank you so much for your time! 


Seconding what @JasonHill and @Drew_C on how this works. We often switch out SSOIDs from a new member account to an older account they wish to access using the method outlined. This ensures the member has access to edit previously authored content and preserves theirs ranks/roles/user statistics from the old account. 

Remember before you take an SSOID and associate it with another account you have to modify the SSOID on the account you're taking the SSOID from by appending _dupe to it. This then allows you to free that SSOID to apply to the old account. This assumes you're using SSOID as your unique identifier. The Edit Users tab details this workflow out for you too to help you make the switch. 

Ideally when you switch an SSOID using this method you want the newer account to have no posts associated with it. If we ever have this scenario we suggest that the user recreate the post when they get connected to their old account and then we close the new account and delete the now duplicated content from that account prior to closing. 

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I just did this today and it retained my old posts, ranks, permissions, etc. Once I copied the SSO ID and verified that everything was retained as desired, I closed the account I didn't need anymore so I wouldn't have two.

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