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Image Removed From Signature

We uploaded images as Public to our Community and provided that HTML to users to use in their signature. 


Today, I am discovering the HTML for the images in signatures have been replaced with </br>.  This is happening for all users including me as an Administrator so it doesn't appear to be a permission settings.  The images are still Public and appear when I add it to HTML in posts, just not in signatures.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hey @jamiemccardle  have you recently had 21.2 dropped on your environment? I only ask because my super users have reported similar issues immediately after 21.2 landed. Ive not had a chance to report to support yet but I'm pretty sure it came with change not detailed in the notes or this is a bug. 


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Thank you for your response!  We have recently updated to 21.2. I read the release notes and comments on those notes and didn't see anything mentioned.  I'm thinking it's more of a bug and not the intention since it's only affecting signatures. 


Our Dev environment is working fine and it's on 20.11.  Our Production and Staging environments are on 21.2.


@JohnD I see you have been posting in the comments for the 21.2 release notes.  Can you help us with this?


Here's the reply from Support on this topic, however, I am an Administrator with everything set to Grant and I only added the HTML code for an inline image posted publically in the Community and it changed to a </br> for me without showing the image.


Thank you for reaching out to Khoros Support. I see in some signatures the HTML tag used is <li-image> and in others have style in them, which isn't allowed.
There are almost no restrictions on HTML tags for users with the Use full HTML in posts and signatures permission, with some exceptions such as meta tags and script tags.
If you still believe this is an issue, can you provide which of the signatures didn't work?

Support confirmed it is a bug with the new version.

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