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Image upload optimization and compression

Interested in learning more about the methods used for image optimization in Community.

According to this post, image uploads are at least thumbnailed a bit so that the original-sized image is only displayed in the lightbox. A pixel-reduced (resized as smaller) version is displayed in the thread.

My particular community does a lot of support, so we see many screenshots (and many coming from the 4x-normal-size Apple Retina displays). The scaled/resized versions on the thread are good news for us.

But is that all that happens?

I downloaded a copy of the scaled-down image on one thread, and ran it through ImageOptim:


My ImageOptim settings are fairly aggressive, but the filesize savings were consistent with what I'd expect from a totally non-compressed image.

I'm wondering if there are plans to integrate, OpenCV, Cloudinary, imgix, etc. with the Community product. OpenCV for example is a free/open source command line utility that could be chained to the existing image scaling functionality. Obviously the exact implementation would be up to Khoros (maybe they prefer a subscription API service to running OpenCV on the stack) but I think this would be super beneficial to our users, especially those on limited bandwidth connections.

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Good topic @deads.

You might like to add your findings to this enhancement request -





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