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Impact of Integrated Profile on Klout Score !

If you are trying to guess how much impact linking a Lithium Community Account to your Klout Account with "Integrated Profile", will impact a customer Klout Score, here is a first guess :


- My Klout score was 46 before Linc'15 (05/31)

- I linked my Lithosphere/Lithium account to my Klout Account Day #1 of Linc' 15

- After ten days, my Klout score went up to 50, and the Lithosphere contribution accounts for 30% of my new Klout score (see picture)


So, yes Klout score is definitely positively impacted with your Lithium community activity, thanks to "Integrated Profile". Very good news for our top contributors, and one more good reason to deploy this function.




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Indeed nice to see @RondeauPro I had the same experience while being at #linc15. 

Connected klout to lithosphere and sam my score go up while being active about it.


Not the same impact as you have, but hey, all things start small 🙂


thnx for your insights!



Kind Regards

Gramon, as you may have seen, I have only 2 networks connected to my Klout account : Twitter & Lithosphere, so that's why the Lithosphere impact is huge 🙂




Thnx for the tip 😉

Kind Regards

Here is mine:


Network contribution 15 June 2015.png


Does anyone know how Klout breakdown works in terms of calculating percentages? Is it on the most used social media network or it has a predefined formula?



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What a Klout Score 🙂

Thanks 🙂


I've found that it's relatively easy reaching 50-55 but after that it's really hard. Took me like three months to go from 65 to 66! 😄


Would be interesting to know the insights of how Klout works in the backend. This social integration tool/platform has a LOT of potential in my view.

No heroes, No idols. Simple as that.
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@Sacul I think the Klout score is a bit like the Google ranking ... it's unlikely that you will get to know what's in the backend 😉

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@OlivierSThought that would be the case but there is no harm at trying to find out 😉


Awesome signature by the way! 😄



No heroes, No idols. Simple as that.

And you'll experience that keeping your K-score at a 66 level will be even harder... You can't go on WE or on vacations... You have to post fresh news all the time now 🙂

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