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Impact of Integrated Profile on Klout Score !

If you are trying to guess how much impact linking a Lithium Community Account to your Klout Account with "Integrated Profile", will impact a customer Klout Score, here is a first guess :


- My Klout score was 46 before Linc'15 (05/31)

- I linked my Lithosphere/Lithium account to my Klout Account Day #1 of Linc' 15

- After ten days, my Klout score went up to 50, and the Lithosphere contribution accounts for 30% of my new Klout score (see picture)


So, yes Klout score is definitely positively impacted with your Lithium community activity, thanks to "Integrated Profile". Very good news for our top contributors, and one more good reason to deploy this function.




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Thought i would post my thoughts "beats talking to myself". So I'm really confused/interested in Klout and the impact your activity across social has on not only your score but also your topic suggestions... Over the past 3/6 months ive been watching to see if activity in X or Y generates a bump in score and the only conclusion i have come to is that Ive not been able to understand it one bit... 


My 90 day high Klout is 68.60 and its been a journey getting to that... but what amazes me more is my "Expert Topics" some of them i totally get but i logged into Klout today to be congratulated on being a September 11 Attacks Expert which was a shock as I dont recall the last time I discussed or posted anything about this.


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 20.37.23.png

















As @OlivierS said we may never know how the magic works.... I do however love Klout and their Klout perks 🙂 


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@Fellsteruk looks like you've got the Vavavoom Stephen !!! (Renault Expert)

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Yeah... Another strange one, I think it's because I talk a fair bit about Nissan and often they are affiliated as they have a partnership and part share agreement. 


However it was a shock as I'm all about the Nissan!! #brandblindness I appear to be incapable of acknowledging any camera, car, phone, pc or tablet if it's not Nikon, Nissan or Apple except GOPRO. God I love my go pro 🙂 


Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
Community l Ideation l Blog l Product Hubs l Check & Report l Service Status 

My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy

Interesting thoughts @Fellsteruk


1) I have no idea how it works at this point to be honest. Absolutely no clue. What I have figured out through is that it is very slow in updating. I've posted some pics on my instagram with around 80+ likes each and it still hasn't shown them up. Maybe it refreshes every 2-3 days? No idea.


2) As far as the "Expert" topics, some are of hashtags I use but some I have absolutely no clue either how they got in there.


"Terminator" "Sunglasses" "Urban Travel" and "Athens" are not from hashtags cause I've never used these as hashtags (from what I remember. "Database Design" must be a skill from Linkedin, I'm quite certain on this. Same for "video editing" and "Digital Photography"
"Cyprus" = No idea ... trully!


Klout - Expert Topics 16-6-2015.png

No heroes, No idols. Simple as that.

I wonder what a "September 11 attacks" Perk would be... 🙂

Confusion on how some of the Topics for which Expertise is given to users by Klout is a common theme out there. Nearly everyone who's checked their topics can relate: some make sense and a good number come from left field.

We have the power to delete such topics. But the repeated messaging from Klout to users "You're an Expert in [random topic]" is going to erode brand credibility over time.

A related issue is the volatility of expert labels. To date, there have been several "events" when the Expertise engine has been revised, the results of which to users is that often half of their expert topics disappear (even ones that they are glad to be experts in and feel proud of) and they are replaced by new Expert topic labels (many of which may seem random).

This may be an understandable artifact of working out the kinks in this newly resurrected feature. However, it can't keep happening monthly if Klout cares to keep users engaged and believing in its authority as the grantor of Topic Expertise badges.

@Sacul regarding your 1) above.... the page won't show all scored activity from the networks.  It shows a sample of activity.  There has been an outage of displaying Instagram activity for a full week and it was fixed yesterday.  Klout says that scores should not have been affected by that display outage, though some users feel that their scores have been impacted.  Once that outage is several days behind us, you should see some activity for "yesterday"  on the IG tab if you had activity early enough "yesterday" for Klout to have received the data about it.  (If you posted on IG late last night, it have been after the time of collection.)  Note that the number of "Reactions" reported on IG posts is often undercounted for the "yesterday" activity probably due to the time that Klout got the data from IG. Some reactions may have come later.   The number of "Reactions" reported for activity from several days ago should track more closely with the actual number of Reactions (Likes + Comments) that you can see on your own IG account.  I hope this helps.




Thanks for the analysis in your original post @RondeauPro.  Interesting and simple because you have only the two networks.


You mentioned being at LINC so I wondered if your twitter followers or engagement may have increased due to that as well during that same time period. i.e., you met new people who are interested in the same things you are, they looked you up and followed, RTd you, etc.



I have 8 scored networks.  My score is in the upper 70s range and has been slowly slipping lately simultaneous with the increase in % contribution of Lithium Community to the score, which is currently around 5%.  But my situation is much more complex because I have 8 scored networks, rather than 2.  This confounds any analysis.  (I'm not complaining about my score or account, just relating to yours and offering some thanks for your post.  I can't do the analysis you did and I haven't found other "new" users who've thought to do what you've done.  Smart! Thanks!)

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