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Impact of changing the order of responses on Value Analytics Survey?


Currently, this is the order of the responses for question 6 on the Value Analytics Survey. This order means Very satisfied=1 and Very dissatisfied=5, which is the opposite from traditional CSAT scores.

Our survey has only be live for two months. If we change the order of responses, what impact will that have on the results so far?


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Do not change. You will have the data inverted where Very dissatisfied = 5 and Very satisfied = 1. My team had done this and I had to invert the logic in the reports that I created with the exported data.


@Andre_Sostizzo - those are the values assigned right now. As we've only had 80 surveys completed to date, I'd rather change it now so Very satisfied = 5 and Very dissatisfied = 1.


@EmDunn This may require some data investigation to know the actual behavior when changes order of survey options. I'd recommend creating a support ticket so they can investigate. If you would like, I can create one for you. 

If you could, that would be great. Thank you!

I guess I just assumed that it was an error on my part.

@EmDunn I have passed on your query to support. You will hear back soon.

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