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Impact of constant API calls

Hi, I am trying to assess the impact of having APIs set up to constantly retrieve all community data (all threads and community profile info) into an external database. 

This thread

mentions:  "Lithium configures CSV search export on a community-by-community basis to allow the best performance. If many users are exporting data, it could reduce the quality of community performance."


How do API calls affect the community performance?

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@Jaime_Lee - Since Lithium mentioned that it will be impacting the performance, you need to take additional care and steps to achieve what you're looking for. Here is one thread you should check out: Regarding the performance check of external API queries

In addition to this, also take care of the monthly BAC's (Billable API Calls). See what you have subscribed for in your contract and take a note of what you're consuming. Check this thread here.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Jamie,

Are you referring to just pulling things via a variety of APIs or specifically the Bulk Data API to pull a daily extract?

API calls shouldn’t impact the community in the same way that running CSV reports do.

@VarunGrazitti  Thank you for telling me to check the Billable API Calls.  Looks like we are nowhere near our threshold.


@BeckyS  I am going to send a copy of this Bulk Data documentation over to our internal team asking about using APIs.  Bulk data might be a good solution instead of individual! 


Thank you for the link.

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@Jaime_Lee also check out LiQL, which is our query language. It can consolidate calls. See this as an example:


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