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Implement Forum Guidelines


My apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, I couldn't find it, how do you all implement your forum guidelines once they're ready? In past platforms, there's been a spot to drop these in so that it appears when registering, etc, but I don't see that here.


If there isn't a specific place they should be added, I'd love to hear how you implemented yours.


(Not looking on tips for writing them, that part is finally done.)


Thanks in advance! 🙂


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So there isn't a guidelines "spot" but there is a t&cs section which is the same that powers the copy displayed at registration.

I guess you could argue they are the same but I have guidelines and terms of use so just wanted to check?

Regardless of that fact the "spot" you need is in studio within the text editor.


Select the language and edit the text. 


Hope that helps!


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Hi @sherrie,

As @Fellsteruk mentionned, you can add in your Terms of Service via Studio so they appear on the registration page/modal. Here's the official documentation.


I also like to have these posted in the community, along with Community Guidelines and other policies, so they can be found via search, and referred to when your moderators need to remind the community about rules of participation. 🙂


Here, they are in a knowledge base "About Our Community" but they could also be a floated, locked post in a forum.  We opted for the latter option in the community we're about to launch.


Hope this helps!



Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Community @ DataRobot
Also previously known as JulieH
Retired Community Manager

Hey @sherrie@Fellsteruk and @JulieHamel made some great suggestions already. I'd also suggest thinking of where your community users could use it the most. For example, in a community I previously managed, we had announcements and things like that on the right sidebar, so we linked the guidelines there as well. We also sent a welcome email to new members, linking to the guidelines as well as posts to get them started Smiley Happy

Jenn Chen
Community Manager, Lithium Technologies
(Formerly known as jchen)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi all (you wonderful people),

I've been seeing more and more customers also take advantage of the greatly under-utilised pre-populated HELP page and add their guidelines there.

I've liked that so much that I have added it to my community launch checklist.

Example here:

EMEA Marketing Manager

Previously: Senior Consultant in Community and Social Care

Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions @Fellsteruk @JulieHamel @JennC & @CharlotteK!


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