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We are working on importing users in the Community. While Importing users it is asking for Username, Password and the user email id.


Is it possible to import user with out Password and We need to know is it possible to import users without sending any Emails to the Users? 


Thanks In Advance,


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@AbhishekIlindra - Not sure about the tool, but you can achieve this using REST API.  You will need to create an interface to upload CSV file and create a user using below call.



 Password field is optional there and it will not send any email notification to the users.  


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@TariqHussain : We have an option called Import users in the Users tab in the community Admin. We are using this option to Import it will be helpful if we have the solution for it.





Khoros Expert

Hi @AbhishekIlindra,


The user import fields are configurable, we have documentation here that describes the 4 typical use cases:


We can adjust your user import configuration to match any of those, or take a look to see if we can just remove a field that you'd no longer like to use. If it's asking for those fields, they were requested to be configured that way at some point in the past. Additionally, we do have a configuration option available that adds a checkbox to the user import page that will allow you to opt to send an E-Mail to the user on creation or not.


If you'd like to submit a support case with the request and a link to the specific environment you're having this issue with, please feel free to do so and we can take a look for you.



Chad B.
Principal Support Engineer - Community

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