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Import metrics to show users via a dashboard?

Has any enterprise that's offering a SaaS to customers done work to create a customer dashboard to present metrics around that SaaS? For instance, something that feeds uptime/availability/other numbers into Lithium Community (via API?) and then presents those in some format so that users can get their SaaS service info, rather than giving them a separate tool to login to to see that.

I'm the Community Manager at SailPoint's B2B identity governance community, Compass.
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Khoros Staff

Very pertinent & timely @Wendy_S. And this is something we are looking at as part of the planned update to Community Analytics; where we propose to add a set of new, real-time, actionable analytics elements. It proposes a Sunburst chart for 'New' & 'Trending' topics with & without Replies and with & without Accepted Solutions, among other things. 

Please find below a sample mockup. Adding @SudheeshN & @ManuMo, who are leading this project to this thread. 







Thanks @RahulHa 

Can you click in these charts to get to the next level of detail and actually get to the posts from this?

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Yes, that's the idea @Wendy_S. Areas within the chart can be clicked to see the corresponding posts, with the ability to click further into individual ones in there and land on those posts in the Community.

@SudheeshN @ManuMo 


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