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In Article FIle attachment links

Hi All, 


Simple question, when creating an article, is it possible to link a file you have uploaded as an attachment within the text of the article?

For example: Click here to download

Where selecting the here link would download a file that was uploaded as an attachment to the article. 

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I just tested this and it was possible by doing the following:

- Publish the post with the attachment

- Right click the attachment and copy the link for it

- Edit the post and user the insert link option to create your hyperlink

- Publish the post

Now you can click the link to download the attachment.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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You can always create the article & upload attachments, publish the article, copy the link to the file, edit the article, add the URL in as you described in your post. 

Out of box, there is no way to get the download URL until you post I believe, though there is probably some ways to implement customization to get around this.

Good solution @lilim only thing I would suggest differently is to save as draft and then open the draft to get the link. This avoids going public and doing an immediate edit and, if you are talking about blog, you would still be able to schedule it with a working URL.

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