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In Focus vs Out Of Focus

Hi All, 

I'm pulling a report from Khoros on Team Performance, but I'm unclear what the below definitions mean in the report. Can somebody clarify what the difference is between these: 

  • Out-of-Focus Active Time (min)?
  • Out-of-Focus Inactive Time (min)?
  • Out-of-Focus Idle Time (min)?
  • Out-of-Focus Non-Agent Time (min)?
  • Out-of-Focus Unavailable Time (min)?
  • Total Out-of-Focus App Time (min)?


  • In-Focus Inactive Time (min)?
  • In-Focus Idle Time (min)?
  • Total In-Focus App Time (min)?
  • In-Focus Unavailable Time (min)?

what do they all mean and what is it measuring the agent against?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@stephmel We have many different metrics on agent activities that are tracked and reported for measuring agent performance and utilization. I would recommend reviewing our docs on these metrics for additional details on each of them and how they interact with agent states. We also provide product coaching session on these metrics where you can get 1-1 interaction with a product coach to dive deeper into specific questions about your needs.

Cc: @BethHa @RickyMe

Thanks for that! Unfortunately I don't have permission and access to those links. would you be able to email them to me? or grant permission to them?


Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 8.35.23 am.png


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@stephmel - sorry about the permissions issue, you should have access to those docs. I am going to request @AdrianM and/or @SkyeF to help get this sorted out ASAP so you can see those (and all other) docs).

Hey Step, I've submitted a request for you. 


Let us know if you get stuck and we can help out further. 


hey @stephmel if you go to the chat bubble and type “customer access” (without the quotes) into Maia bot that should upgrade your access automatically 🙂 

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