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Including Screenshots in Forums / Discussions Post

I just entered my first reply to a discussion post and attempted to paste in a screenshot which did nothing. Is this functionality not available?  Is it coming soon?  This feels very basic and am hoping our users will have this when we launch.  Thanks for any info on this!  FYI @cgrinton @Kmay 

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@kgroneman @JasonHill @JuergenM We investigated the issue and found out that two things: 

  • Content Security Policy (CSP) and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) are not allowing copy paste from external websites and clipboard.
    Solution: We are looking into this and will provide pointers the changes to be made for clipboard copy paste to work. 
  • If you encounter a CSP/CORS issue and copy paste fails for an image, unless the page is refreshed, all subsequent copy pastes also fail. 
    Solution: We are fixing this to make sure that (i) there is an error message shown on the UI if an image copy paste fails, (ii) subsequent copy paste will work if its a valid copy-paste. This will be part of 20.11 release. 

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