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Increasing Engagement

How does your Community increase engagement when you have users that prefer to collaborate in other areas such as Google groups and Slack?  


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The question I would ask users in this scenario is what do they like about Google groups and Slack that makes them choose this over community. It might be that Community can play a different role so it's not trying to replace but augment the existing experiences in other channels. 

Have you done a survey of those users to find out what motivates them to use those channels? Is there anything they can't do that community can fill a gap for? You might get some interesting insights. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

What's the goal of your community @jamiemccardle? Is it actually a problem if they are getting what they need from other channels?




We want them in our Community because it is seen/managed by our company.  They created personal areas in Slack and Google groups that we don't have access to or can help/manage.  We also offer knowledge base articles, direct support, and product updates, as well as product roadmap and events so they gain resources and self-help. 

If they stay in their groups, they likely ask for help from other users in their organization, don't get the help, and create a Support case.  Essentially, we want case deflection.

They don't want to move to Community because they are 'used to' the current way of communication they are using. 

I've met with people within the group, made changes in Community based on their requests, and still they are not active in our forums.  

Sounds like you're on the right track @jamiemccardle. You are listening to your customer's needs and trying to respond to them. As long as you keep acting in your customer's best interest, I'm sure you will make progress. Changing behaviour can be difficult and take time. 




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