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Integrating Community analytics into third party tools

Hi everybody,

we would like to create a business report to make the success of our community more visible. We see two option: 

Creating a document what makes quite a lot of work or a kind of a realtime dashboard where colleagues could have a look into whenever they want. Internally we are using tableau and in a perfect world the data which is shown in the community analytics is available via API and could integrated into tableau (or any other tool)

By chance does anyone of you have experiences with that? 🙂

Kind regards



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Hi Christoph,

Yes, it’s definitely a great idea to leverage community data in a deeper way to understand performance and show value.

Khoros has a Bulk Data API that returns the full feed of data from their event logging framework. Reach out to your account folks for details on that.

You could do a pull from the API to get the latest data when someone looks at the dashboard, but it’s not a very scalable solution and is probably a bad user experience because of the time required for the request, pull, and live updating of the dashboard. Instead, you should do a regular (nightly, etc) pull of the data and load it into a data warehouse somewhere. This also gives you the opportunity to prep, cleanse, and blend the data with other business data to give you much richer insights. From there you can hook up Tableau and do some visualization.

Hi @BrianOblinger 

sounds great. I'm going to reach out my Khoros contact to get more details-

Kind regards



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