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Interactive Kudo and comment counters?

Hey team, have been searching around to no avail on this question.


Is there anyway to make our "kudo" and "reply" counter interactive? That is - make the quote bubble open up to a reply, and make the like icon increment number of likes when clicked? (pic attached0





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@james_D_ - This isn’t something available OOTB, however, there is nothing stopping you to make a customization to achieve this. 

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Judging from the screenshot you are referring to the thread kudo and replies info on the listing on board level. I would question if you would want to encourage kudoing a post where the member only read the teaser which is cut off. I'd rather they click through to open the thread, read it fully, including replies and then decide to give one or more kudos as well as replying.

On a thread page the kudo button is already interactive, e.g. it will increase the kudos cound if a member clicks to give a kudo.

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