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Invalid HTML error when quoting

I STILL get this message every time I try to quote a post, in this community. Will it be fixed soon?

Just now I managed to submit the second time, but it often happens that I'll get locked out for "posting too much in a short period of time."


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+1. Happens all the time.

I get it too. Also when pasting images. Probably something to do with the HTML permissions, but I am hoping that Aurora brings a modern approach to this HTML.  I am not a security or front-end expert, but this is not something I experience on other platforms.   @NickH 

Yep, get this whenever I cut and paste from just about any other source. Must be very frustrating and confusing for members. 





Hello @PerBonomi, I have passed on your query to support, and they will reach out to you and help you with this. 

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