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Inventory of all Knowledge Base articles



I'm trying to audit all Knowledge Base articles that have been posted on our Community - regardless of whether it has recent page views or not.  Do I need to use API to pull this information?  Is that the only way?



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I would be interested in this too, I have been asked to conduct an audit of content on our forum but not limited to a single section... everything!

It took a while but I got a solution from Lithium Support that may or may not help others...  You need to be set up to download file as CSV and also have Private Message enabled.  Here are the steps that I followed:


To enable CSV export in Community Admin : 
1. Go to Comunity Admin > System > Search. 
2. Click Enable CSV export of Search Results. 
3. Click Save. 

Enable Private Messages in Community Admin: 
1. Go to Community Admin > Features > Private Messages. 
2. Click to clear Turn off Private Messenger for the community. 
3. Click Save. 

Grant CSV search export permission : 
1. Go to Community Admin > Users > Permission > Roles. 
2. Click Edit next to the role you want to grant this permission. 
3. Grant the Export Search Results to CSV permission. 
4. Click Save. 

Here How to use CSV search export : 

1. Sign in to your community as a user with the CSV search export permission. 
2. Create a search in your community. ** Be sure to set the search for All Community and also blank search...  It took me a while to figure this out as it didn't come naturally as to where this step meant **
If you have large amounts of community content, you may want to narrow down your results by searching at the category or board-level instead of searching the entire community. Alternatively, you can use search filters to focus in on your most relevant search results. 
The smaller your search, the faster the export. 
3. Click Search Options > Export Search Results as CSV file. (** Search Options is only available under Posts tab on search results screen)

3.1 If there is specific area that you need the results from - choose By Type of Posts on the Left side of screen.  I needed KB so I chose that but if you need from Forums - that's where you can filter BEFORE you do the step 3 above.
4. Go to your private messages. ** Wait until you receive notification **
The first private message you receive is to notify you that your search export has started. This message also contains the name of your search query. The second private message you receive contains your CSV file and the date that this download will expire. The time between these two messages varies depending on the size of your search export. 
5. Click the Search results export [file name] is ready for download private message. 
6. Click the CSV file link to download the file. 
7. Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet application. 





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